Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Game #3 Florida at Las Vegas

So I'm giving this another try.

I couldn't watch game #2 on TV since I don't get HDNet (Sorry Mark Cuban blame Time Warner not me) I tried watching it for a few minutes online, but that's no why to watch a minor league football game.

So here we are Week #2, Game #3 and things are already looking up:
  • For the most part, the teams are wearing visually discernable jerseys
  • Neither coach is wearing a Men's Wearhouse "fat guy" shirt
  • Mike Simms is correctly pronouncing JP Losman's (Loss-man) name.

But its Wednesday night and I'm watching pro football so it can't all be bad. And I better learn to like this league because odds are that the best football we will have in Buffalo in 3 years will be from an FL that doesn't begin with N.

9:21 PM Holy Schnikes!!! The endzone markers are Orange and no longer Lime Green. Good move Commish. I'll take some credit for that change, but I give you credit for doing it.

9:26 Nice call Mike Simms (Loss-man) and BTW damn you JP. You know who could have caught a ball like you throw--TO.

9:45 Make that the Youtube-FL

10:05 JP Losman is still horrible, but I'm still watching and I'm enjoying this game. The overall quality of play is good. But I watch the Bills play on a weekly basis.

10:07 Final thoughts of the night. Anita Marks still needs some work, but what the UFL really needs is innovation--some small twist that enhances the game that they can call their own. The XFL brought the overhead huddle/Madden cam to TV for the first time and it was so good the NFL stole it. They also brought nicknames to the backs of jerseys--and face it who didn't love HE HATE ME. Some of their innovations like the collarbone crushing "face-off" for the football in lieu of the coin toss didn't work, but they tried. Give me that ownable aspect that I can only get watching UFL football and you've got me hooked.

More next Versus televised game...

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